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Cayenne Diesel Inventory

European Automobile Manufacturers have invested heavily in Diesel technology, and the majority of new vehicles sold in Europe have had Diesel power for the last several decades.  Currently Diesel accounts for about 45% of new vehicles sold in Europe.

 Diesel vehicles have some distinct advantages over Gasoline; Diesel fuel has greater energy density and as a result a Diesel powered vehicle will generally be about 25% more fuel efficient and emit about 25% less CO2 than the equivalent gas engine, go 25% further on a tank of fuel, and offer 25% more torque.  Diesels do produce more Nitrogen Oxides and Particulates than a gas engine however, and this has caused major, well-publicized problems with Diesel engines in North America, mostly from the VW Audi Group.  This has affected the Porsche Cayenne Diesel as it uses an Audi Engine.

Until recently, Porsche has produced Diesel variants of the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera, though only the Cayenne Diesel was sold in North America.  Consumer preferences are starting to change and Gas/Electric Hybrids and Battery Electric Vehicles are becoming more common, and Porsche is now investing heavily in E-Mobility.   Porsche has not released any plans for future Diesel vehicles, although it is still a possibility in some markets.  For North America though, Porsche is offering only Gasoline Internal Combustion Engines, and is betting heavily on E-Mobility.

In Alberta, there is still a very healthy demand for Diesel vehicles. Wide open spaces where fuel economy and range are important as well as the demands of towing trailers suit diesel powertrains perfectly.  There are also many customers who prefer the torque characteristics of the Diesel Engine.

For this reason Porsche Centre Calgary secured 10 Cayenne Diesel Demonstrators from Porsche Canada that were among the last Porsche Diesels to come to Canada.   We are currently using these vehicles in our Service Loaner Fleet, and offer them to customers when they have their Porsche booked in for service.  These vehicles are for sale, with the price commensurate with the mileage.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the last Porsche Diesel Cayennes to be imported to Canada, this is a good opportunity.  Our vehicles will be sold fully serviced, with all the updates completed and will be sold with CPO extended warranty giving full Factory Backed coverage 6 years from the In-Service Date.  Our remaining Cayenne Diesels are featured below; please let us know at if you would like to discuss the purchase of a Porsche Cayenne Diesel.

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