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Porsche Centre Calgary

Porsche Demo Special

When people hear the word “demo”, they often think of a vehicle that has been pushed to the limit by potential customers looking to see just how fast or dynamic a model is before making their final purchasing decision.

Truth be told, that’s a far cry from what a demonstrator vehicle actually is. In reality, they are more often than not a very good deal just waiting for buyers who value getting more bang for their buck.

Along with the warranty coverage, buyers also get a significant rebate on pricing. A closer look at our demo inventory reveals that most vehicles for sale offer a 10 to 25 percent discount with very little mileage and, again, the benefit of having the full warranty still be in effect for years to come.

Ultimately, a demo vehicle provides the same peace of mind as a new model, but with significant pricing advantages. That’s why so many experts recommend them to their friends and family, and why they certainly deserve a closer look if value is important to you.

See below for our complete inventory of demo and loaner vehicles available at Porsche Center Calgary.

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