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Porsche Centre Calgary

GT & Specialty/Classic Cars Availability

Porsche makes limited runs of Specialty Sports Cars most years.  These can be road/race variants of our 911 such as the GT3, GT3RS, GT2RS etc. or other ‘niche’ vehicles like the Speedsters, Boxster Spyder or the 911R.  These vehicles can be considered ‘Future Classics’ and we enjoy buying and selling them as well as just having them around.

With the late model cars, supply is far short of demand in many cases. The typical depreciation curves for used vehicles don’t apply, and vehicles are priced at ‘Market’ which can change significantly based on many global factors that are well beyond our control.  These ‘Halo’ cars are deserving of their own page on our website, and we have the following speciality cars listed below. Buyers for these cars are generally very particular and our sales staff are well versed in the minutiae of each model and the overall market

For our Classic portfolio, we have an interesting group of older Porsches and other Classic vehicles; many of which have had lengthy and extensive rebuilds.  It is not normal for a new car dealer to have anything to do with older vehicles but we have at Porsche Calgary great depth of collective experience with classics and great support from the Porsche factory which encourages us to show off the past as well as the present. Please contact us,, to set up a consultation with one of our Sales Associates if you are interested.