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Porsche Centre Calgary

Demo and Display Vehicles

When people hear the word “demo”, they often think of a vehicle that has been pushed to the limit by potential customers looking to see just how fast or dynamic a model is before making their final purchasing decision.

Truth be told, that’s a far cry from what a demonstrator vehicle actually is. In reality, they are more often than not a very good deal just waiting for buyers who value getting more bang for their buck.

Demo vehicles are all about providing value

Yes, demo vehicles are sometimes used on test drives, but the driver is always accompanied by a sales representative who is there to make sure things go smoothly. More importantly, most potential buyers are a lot more cautious than we first think when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them and that they are not used to.

In any case, the percentage of demo vehicles having been used for test drives is very small compared to the number that are used as service vehicles by current owners. These vehicles are always kept in perfect condition in between loans for the simple fact that they are a reflection of the dealership and the quality of its after-sales service in the eyes of most users.

And then we have the last type of demo, the most common type. These are previous model-year vehicles that have been registered by the dealership in order to make way for new vehicles. 

Along with the warranty coverage, buyers also get a significant rebate on pricing. A closer look at our demo inventory reveals that most vehicles for sale offer a 10 to 25 percent discount with very little mileage and, again, the benefit of having the full warranty still be in effect for years to come.

Ultimately, a demo vehicle provides the same peace of mind as a new model, but with significant pricing advantages. That’s why so many experts recommend them to their friends and family, and why they certainly deserve a closer look if value is important to you.

See below for our complete inventory of demo and loaner vehicles available at Porsche Center Calgary and get the same Porsche quality and performance you have always dreamed of for less!