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Classic Service

Welcome to the Porsche Classics Program.

Check out our 2020 restoration challenge car.

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Restore your classic Porsche back to its original beauty and function with the Porsche Classic Service Department at Porsche Centre Calgary. Whether you're looking for maintenance, repairs, or a complete restoration; Porsche technicians are trained to elevate your model back to the most premium of standards. The Porsche Classic Service Department has unparalleled access to genuine Porsche parts specific to your mode and the technicians have received unrivalled Porsche training and possess the passion and dedication for every Porsche that they work on as if it were their own.



Superior Standards

Porsche sets stringent guidelines and quality-control methods for technicians to follow when restoring a classic model. They must observe these standards for every Porsche model that comes into the department. Technicians go through extensive training, which can take five years and 720 hours before they are certified to work on Porsche classic cars. They start out with bronze level certification and work their way up to silver and finally, gold. Every technician who works on a classic Porsche model must be certified, which provides added assurance for customers who entrust their classic models with our Porsche Classic Service Department.

Exceeding Expectations

The service department uses specialized tools which are designed to work with genuine Porsche parts. From testing to installation, these tools ensure the work performed is of the highest quality. Only genuine Porsche parts are used because they are specifically engineered to work with the complex components of the model. This is one reason Porsche models continue to offer optimal reliability and value over the competition.

Part of owning a classic Porsche is on-going maintenance, which is performed by the Porsche Classic Service Department. These models can continue to go the distance and perform to your expectations when they are regularly serviced the same as the newest models.

Once you bring in your classic Porsche model for repair, restoration or maintenance, you'll receive a complete list of what work is required. You can ask questions to learn the details and not be taken by surprise at any stage of the process. The technicians take pride in working on your car as if it were their own. For many, this is their dream job, and you can see the evidence in their dedication and passion in how they repair, restore, and maintain your classic and all its glory.

Bring your Porsche back to life with the expert service of the staff from the Porsche Classic Service Department at your local Calgary Porsche Dealer - Porsche Centre Calgary. Feel confident in the process and results when you choose the Porsche Classic Service Department at Porsche Centre Calgary for your service and restoration needs!


  • Must only use genuine Porsche parts (no exceptions)
  • They must leave the car for an indefinite amount of time until the job is complete.
  • Each car will be inspected by the service department and an estimate agreed to by all parties before work is done.
  • Once completed the car must be picked up within one week (weather dependant)

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