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Paint Protection

Porsche understands that when people purchase cars, they want to be able to enjoy them. Being able to take a spontaneous trip to the mountains or the beach, or even hitting the open road to experience the racing legacy of Porsche cars, is what owning a Porsche is all about. At the same time, Porsche owners want to protect the appearance and value of their luxury vehicle. To help you keep your Porsche looking great while using it to the fullest, Porsche Centre Calgary offers paint protection through SunTek.


Innovative Technology for Ultimate Protection

SunTek paint protection is a clear adhesive film that is applied to the front of the car. It covers the hood, front bumper and fenders and may also be used to cover the rear bumper to protect the loading area.

Technicians prepare the film, stretch it and allow it to cure to provide a protective barrier for the car's surface. The result is a high-gloss finish which offers invisible protection to prevent scratches and small dents caused by road debris, rocks and other hazards.

A self-healing second skin, the film absorbs and smooths out minor damage without allowing it to penetrate to the surface of the vehicle. In addition, this film shields your vehicle's paint color from UV rays. A five-year manufacturer's warranty guarantees this amazing product. When SunTek paint protection is removed, the paint looks brand new, which will enhance the resale value if and when you choose to get a new model.

Paint protection is one of the most popular upgrades for Porsche Centre Calgary customers. About 70 percent of our customers choose this option when they buy a vehicle. They love their cars and want to keep them looking as exceptional as when they first drove them home. If you want to know more about paint protection or the latest Porsche models, visit your local Calgary Porsche Dealer - Porsche Centre Calgary.