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Porsche Winter Wheels

Think all-season tires are good enough?

Porsche winter wheel sets defy cold weather, and have command over ice and snow. What sets winter tires apart is their aggressive tread, and ability to perform in cold conditions.

When temperatures drop below 7 degrees, the rubber compounds in summer and all-season tires harden, resulting in reduced traction - even when roads are dry. You can be assured that Porsche-approved winter tires maintain their grip, and are N-rated. This certifies that they meet our engineers' standards for safety, hydroplane resistance, handling performance, and long-term durability.

Watch the stunning differences in stopping, steering, and accelerating when snow tires are pitted against all-seasons.

Winter wheel sets for your Macan - Staggered


Sports Classic

MSRP: $3,556
95B 044 610 22 – 2 sets in stock
235/60R18,255/55R18 Continental Available for: All Macan Years


Macan Sport Design

MSRP: $3,556
95B 044 610 02 – 4 sets in stock
235/60R18,255/55R18 Pirelli Available for: All Macan Years


Macan Design

MSRP: $5,136
95B 044 610 06 – 3 in stock
235/55R19,255/50R19 Pirelli Available for: All Macan Years


Winter wheel sets for your Cayenne E2 I + E2 II

Cayenne Turbo III

MSRP: $5779 – on sale for $3000.00
958 044 600 64 – only one in stock
265/50R19 Dunlop (2014 Date Stamp) Available for: [E2 I] Cayenne

Cayenne Design

MSRP: $3,556
958 044 611 02 – one set in stock
265/50R19 Dunlop winter 3D
(2015-2017 Date Stamp) Available for: [E2 II]

Cayenne Sport Classic

MSRP: $5,779
958 044 601 26 265/50R19 Pirelli
(2015-2017 Date Stamp) Available for: [E2 II] Cayenne


Winter wheel sets for your Cayenne E3 - Staggered

Cayenne Design

MSRP: $6,446
9Y0 044 610 B – one set in stock
75/45R20,305/40R20 Michelin - Available for: [E3] Cayenne

Cayenne S

MSRP: $4,964
9Y0 044 610 A – one set in stock
255/55R19,275/50rr19 Michelin - Available for: [E3] Cayenne


Prices do not include centre caps, installation, storage, or taxes.

For more options please follow the link to the Porsche Tequipment site.

We can special order in other wheel designs for the displayed price on Porsche Canadas website.