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Porsche Design

Porsche Design is actually an independent design firm founded in 1972 by the chief designer of the iconic original Porsche 911, and the man who formerly occupied the Chairman's office at Porsche A.G., Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. At that time, F.A. Porsche sought to apply his restless gift for design to products beyond automobiles, so creating a design-studio was only logical.

Porsche Design quickly became world renowned not for automotive design, but rather for what is called "industrial design" -- groundbreaking designs for everyday objects such as sunglasses, pens, desk items, and timepieces.

35 years ago, the success story of the Porsche Design Studio began with a wristwatch: the Chronograph 1. Beautifully made, the Chronograph 1 turned the world of watchmaking on its head by using a case and metal bracelet that were neither the traditional gold nor silver in color, but instead-like the dial-- a stark, functional black that suggested a scientific instrument. Today, black watches are commonplace, and it's easy to forget that the Chronograph 1 was the source of the concept. But indeed Porsche Design was the originator.

That same uncanny ability to innovate has characterized many other Porsche Design products: the firm has offered striking products in many consumer categories that established new standards now widely imitated by others. Anytime you pick up a pen shaped to match the user's fingertips, you are holding a spiritual descendant of one of Porsche Design's pens, long noted for their ergonomics. Slip on a pair of teardrop-lensed oversized sunglasses from any drugstore, and you are wearing a copy of the famous Porsche Design sunglasses with their distinctive shape and interchangeable lenses. Today, Porsche Design offers over 200 products, as a perusal of will reveal.