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Virtuoso Energy delivers multiple charging solutions for Porsche Taycan owners

Buying an electric vehicle is somewhat different from owning a traditional vehicle, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. The Porsche Taycan delivers exceptional performance and a true Porsche experience, all from an electric powertrain that delivers a truly remarkable level of sportiness, acceleration, and instant power delivery.

Through our partnership with Virtuoso Energy, we can deliver customized charging solutions for Porsche Taycan EV owners and turn their house into the only charging station they will ever need.

Virtuoso Energy has been featured in numerous publications including the Calgary Herald, and is known for delivering customized, sustainable solutions to reduce energy dependence. Porsche Taycan owners will require a charging station in their homes, and thanks to the range delivered by Porsche’s first EV, this one charging station is usually all that is needed. Virtuoso Energy's technicians are certified to install Porsche charging stations to the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee optimal performance.

There are numerous solutions available and numerous charging opportunities. Virtuoso Energy will communicate with Porsche Taycan buyers to determine the best charging solution for their needs.

It is even possible to create a bridge between your home and your Taycan, exchanging energy back and forth in order to supply your Taycan with the range you need, but also use your Taycan as a charging station for your home. In doing so, you can power your home and reduce your dependency and use of the energy grid, in the process reducing your energy costs and recouping the cost of installing a Virtuoso Energy system.

Porsche charging stations are stylish and easy to use, and with the industry focused solely on electrification, they are also a great investment.

Discover our impressive charging solutions and the opportunities offered through our partnership with Virtuoso Energy.

Date Posted: October 13, 2020