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The Porsche Sport Turismo

Lawrence Romanosky, our General Sales Manager at Porsche Centre Calgary, deliberates the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo.

News broke of a new Panamera back in 2012.  I remember I was in Toronto attending the Launch of the 918 Spyder, when people started showing pictures of the new Panamera Sport Turismo concept on their phones.  It looked great then, and didn’t lose anything from Concept to production, as so often happens.  The new wagon-esque roof line and Kamm tail gave the car a more assertive and sporty stance at the same time as increasing interior volume.

There is still nothing else quite like it, and the name Sport Turismo suits it perfectly.   It’s too elegant and sophisticated to be called a Wagon.   You could use the English term Shooting Brake to describe it, though nobody’s made one of those for 50 years and the name would confuse everybody.  It reminds me most of a more tasteful version of the one-off cars the Arab Prince’s used to order; commissioning the factories to convert luxury sedans into wagons so that they could transport their Birds of Prey or whatever other accoutrements they had that needed bespoke transport.

Whatever the origin of the design, there is no doubting the added practicality of the revised roof line and its benefit to rear seat passengers and luggage capacity-both of which see a modest increase.  Also new is what Porsche calls rear 2 +1 seating, which is the provision for 3-across bench seating where as previous generation Panameras had only 2 individual rear seats with a large center console between them. While the centre seat is tight, it makes a big difference for those with families who may have the occasional extra kid to haul around.  In either case, the rear seats fold flat offering a large, unobstructed rear load space.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

 Of course there are more practical vehicles for less money than the Panamera Sport Turismo, including several Porsche SUV’s, but none can touch the performance, high speed stability and comfort of a Panamera. In particular, the car’s handling has to be experienced on a race track to be believed.  I have a vivid memory of being driven around the track at the Porsche Experience Centre in Irvine California in a Panamera Turbo, four-up with the passengers clinging to the grab handles, and having no trouble keeping up to an instructor-driven 911 Carrera S.  On the ‘Drag’ strip, I couldn’t even hold my foot flat to the floor for the entire acceleration run because I was getting dizzy from the accelerative g-loadings. These cars are fast!

This makes the Panamera Sport Turismo the perfect car for my family.  It has the normally mutually exclusive attributes of enough usefulness so I can sell it to my wife, with good looks and performance that I can brag about to my friends!

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Date Posted: March 21, 2018