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Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Porsche

It doesn’t quite feel like spring just yet, but we are getting there. It’s a littler warmer in the morning, the day goes on a little longer and there’s a little less snow in the forecast. We still have a few weeks to go before spring actually arrives, but it’s still the right time to get your Porsche ready for the nicer weather that lies ahead. At the very least, it’s the right time to book a future appointment for your summer tires and in the process set some time aside to get your Porsche cleaned and prepped for smoother weather.

Because winter, we know, is extremely harsh on your vehicle. It not only makes your mechanical components work extra hard, it also damages your vehicle’s paint and interior. The best place to start when getting your Porsche ready for spring is at a detailing centre.

Wash Your Porsche Thoroughly

You can also do this yourself, but a professional detailing centre will guarantee that every little bit of salt, sand, calcium, and dirt gets removed from under your Porsche, inside your Porsche, and around your Porsche. You don’t want to leave salt stains inside or dirt in the engine compartment or sand on your car’s undercarriage. A thorough clean from a Porsche detailing expert will remove all of this.

Check Your Battery, Brakes and Fluids

If you drove your Porsche in winter, you drove through potholes, icy mounds on the road, cold-started in freezing temperatures and pushed just about every mechanical component to the limit for about 6 months. A complete inspection of your battery, brakes, engine fluids and other important elements will guarantee that everything is still working just fine when spring comes around.

Wheel Alignment

The aforementioned potholes have a nasty habit of throwing your Porsche’s alignment off. An alignment test will make sure everything is parallel and going the right way to ensure the best performance this summer.

Protective Treatments

Spring is the perfect time to add protective treatments to your vehicle. This includes protective products for the interior upholstery and various elements to protect your vehicle’s paint as well. If you want to keep rocks from chipping your paint and the kids’ juice from staining your leather, there are products that can help you.

Discover other ways of getting your Porsche ready for spring today at Porsche Centre Calgary.

Date Posted: March 13, 2020