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A few things to look for at your Porsche dealer’s service department

No one knows your Porsche vehicle like the team at a certified Porsche service center. At Porsche Center Calgary, for example, our team is comprised of highly-trained technicians who know your Porsche vehicle inside and out, and who also have years of experience working on every type of Porsche model, from sports cars to SUVs to classics.

At Porsche Center Calgary, we will work with you to ensure that your Porsche vehicle gets the very best care and maintenance. Here are just a few of the services to look for at your Porsche service center.

Porsche Genuine Parts

When it comes to ensuring optimal performance from your Porsche, nothing beats genuine Porsche parts. They have been specifically designed for your vehicle in order to preserve its reliability, safety, and its road dynamics. To ensure that your Porsche Macan, Panamera, 911, Cayenne, or 718 is always running and performing at its peak, there is no substitute to Porsche genuine parts.

At Porsche Center Calgary, we also have a wide range of parts in stock for older Porsche models. We use genuine Porsche parts in all of our repairs to ensure the quality of our work and to preserve the reliability as well as the resale value of your Porsche vehicle, regardless of whether you just bought it or you’ve had it for a while.

Seasonal checks

Porsche’s service experts can also help you get your vehicle ready for winter or for summer when spring rolls around. Seasonal checks are performed by an experienced team of Porsche service technicians who meticulously inspect every area of your Porsche vehicle in order to remove any trace of the previous season.

Seasonal checks involve a list of specific areas that must be inspected in relation to the upcoming season. In winter, the check is designed to inspect areas that may be vulnerable to inclement weather, and you can also opt to have your convertible’s hardtop installed. In spring, the objective is to get your Porsche a clean bill of health by ensuring that the hardships of winter didn’t affect your vehicle’s important mechanical components or body. Lighting, interior and exterior inspections, chassis, engine, and the underbody are all part of the spring check.

A wide range of other checks and inspections are also available to Porsche owners. These are designed to keep an eye on your vehicle’s important components, and thus ensure that everything remains in perfect operating condition.

To learn more about Porsche service and everything that is offered to you and your Porsche vehicle, contact us today at Porsche Center Calgary.


Date Posted: January 30, 2018