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Protect your Porsche with Stek PPF clear wraps

With autumn in full swing and winter around the corner, there’s a new challenge facing your Porsche’s paint. As the weather gets colder, small rocks and other debris will begin to scatter on the road, and with them will come the potential to damage your paint.

To protect our vehicle’s paint, we used to have to rely on unsightly black “bras” that covered the entire front fascia, completely altering the look of the car (a polite way of saying it made the car quite ugly) and discoloring the paint on top of everything else over time. That’s now in the past and protecting your Porsche’s paint no longer requires changing the way it looks.

At Porsche Centre Calgary, we use Stek Paint Protection Film (ppf), a clear highly elastic transparent thermoplastic polyurethane film that wraps perfectly around your Porsche’s body panels including the front bumper, forward part of the hood, and headlight covers. This film is applied by skilled technicians who form the wrap around the various parts to provide a layer of protection that covers your Porsche from rocks or other debris impacting the vehicle on the road. The protective film can resist just about any debris hitting your vehicle.

Moreover, the special protective film can be applied to other parts of the vehicle, including the rear wing, rear side panels, side sills, door handles, mirror caps, and even around the keyhole behind the handle on older Porsches.

And speaking of older Porsches, our technicians can protect any vehicle including older model-year vehicles. The Stek protective film can be customized to just about any vehicle and shape.

It is applied carefully and skillfully, and you cannot see it unless you look very closely. It lasts for years and is protected under warranty as well. When you sell your vehicle, you can remove it if you wish, or keep it on. Both options will improve your vehicle’s resale value as the film will guarantee that your Porsche’s paint remains in as-new condition. A future buyer will appreciate the perfect paint, or the fact that steps were taken to protect the vehicle.

Stek PPF is one of the best investments you can make and can significantly reduce future costs related to fixing paint chips and scratches. Contact Porsche Centre Calgary today to learn more!

Date Posted: October 13, 2020