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Porsche Tequipment Designed for Your Next Family Road Trip

A summer road trip with the family in always a memorable experience. It’s even more memorable behind the wheel of a Porsche. From the Porsche Macan to the Porsche Cayenne to the Porsche Panamera, Porsche builds cars designed to explore the road in comfort with the whole family. And if your current Porsche should happen to be lacking in one area or the next, Porsche Tequipment is here for you.

Porsche Tequipment genuine accessories are designed to enhance your Porsche experience. For you upcoming summer road trip, there are a variety of accessories that will make the journey easier and more enjoyable. But first, why choose Porsche Tequipment?

After all, many of the accessories found in the Porsche Tequipment accessories catalogue are available elsewhere. The difference is that these accessories are made to fit on any vehicle and Porsche doesn’t build “just any” vehicles. Porsche Tequipment products are designed to fit perfectly on your Porsche, enhance or at the very least preserve its characteristics. They are not only safer, but they will perform better with your Porsche and they will last longer. And now on to the Porsche accessories that will make your road trip with the family even more memorable this summer.

Roof Box

The roof box adds between 320 and 520 litres of total cargo space to your Porsche vehicle. It’s the perfect accessory when you have a lot of stuff to carry.

Bike Rack

The bike rack can fit up to three bikes and is available for all common types of bikes. There’s also a racing bike carrier.

Leather Luggage Set

The leather luggage set is not only stylish, it’s also useful in maximizing cargo space in your Porsche vehicle. There are four items in the set including a handy bag, a small weekender bag, a large weekender bag and a garment bag.

Loadspace Management System

The loadspace management system features a range of items that make it easier to load in your Porsche’s cargo area. It also prevents items from moving around when out on the road.


The coolbag has a capacity of 12 litres and allows you to transport cold food and drinks safely. It’s perfect when heading to a picnic as it essentially serves the same purpose as a cooler.

These are just some of the accessories available at Porsche Centre Calgary. Visit us today and let’s get your Porsche ready for a summer road trip. And yes, you can add a roof box or a bike rack to the Porsche 911 as well. Who said the 911 wasn’t practical?

Date Posted: May 12, 2020