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Porsche Tequipment Accessories for Your Next Ski Trip

Porsche owners tend to lead active lifestyles centered around making each day count. Many of our clients here at Porsche Centre Calgary are avid skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts and our Tequipment genuine accessories department has everything you need for your next trip to the mountain.

Genuine Porsche Tequipment products include a host of accessories designed for skiers and snowboarders for any and every Porsche vehicle. Here’s an overview of accessories to consider for your next ski trip starting with the roof transport system main support bars.

Roof Transport System Main Support

The roof transport system main support consists of two lockable aluminum bars placed on top of your Porsche’s roof. These stylish bars are used as the base for additional roof-mounted accessories including roof boxes and the Porsche Tequipment ski/snowboard holder.

Ski/Snowboard Holder

The ski or snowboard Porsche holder can hold three pairs of skis or two snowboards over its 60 centimetre area. It is equipped with a pull-out function to quickly install and remove your skiing or snowboarding equipment.

Ski Bag

If you want to carry additional skis or need the roof for a roof box, you can opt for the Porsche Tequipment ski bag which can pass through an opening in the rear middle seat. This bag can transport your entire family’s skis safely and effectively. The bag is secured across the lowered centre armrest in the back and won’t move around during the trip. It still leaves enough room to sit two passengers in the back and doesn’t restrict cargo space too much either.

Other Accessories to Consider

Other winter accessories to consider for your next ski trip in a Porsche include ice scrappers designed to protect your paint, wheel chains for your tires if you’re going deep into the woods, and a protective wrap to protect the roof of your Porsche from scratches. This is particularly useful if you plan to use the roof to transport your skis or snowboards.

Only Porsche Tequipment accessories have been designed to fit perfectly on your Porsche vehicle and preserve its dynamic and safety features. To determine which Porsche Tequipment accessories fit on your specific Porsche model, contact us today at Porsche Centre Calgary.

Date Posted: January 8, 2020