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Porsche | Pre-Paid Maintenance

At Porsche Centre Calgary we believe that your Porsche experience should be about superior driving in a superior car. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your Porsche model continues to run with excellence is to keep up on regularly scheduled maintenance. Porsche Centre Calgary is happy to offer customers an opportunity to cover the cost of this maintenance in an organized and scheduled manner through Porsche Pre-Paid Maintenance.


Through a variety of services, Porsche Pre-Paid Maintenance can help your vehicle run like new. Each Porsche comes with a maintenance booklet containing vital information about different services needs including engine oil and filter changes, engine air filter, pollen filter, spark plug and brake fluid replacement, as well as a comprehensive inspection of all parts and systems to ensure everything is operating properly.


Participating in a Porsche Pre-Paid Maintenance plan can offer a financial advantage as well as peace of mind to Porsche owners. Customers can pay for factory-recommended scheduled maintenance with prices that are locked in for the term, offering not only consistency but also typically resulting in a cost advantage compared to paying for each service as they come. A Porsche Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan may also protect against inflation and service and parts price increases (subject to term and driving style).


Other benefits of also include protecting the resale value of your Porsche as only genuine Porsche parts are used and installed by certified Porsche technicians. When a customer purchases Porsche Pre-Paid Maintenance, it is transferable to the next vehicle's owner if the contract is still valid at the time of the sale. Customers can choose between various terms including:


·     3 years / 45,000 kms

·     4 years / 60,000 kms

·     5 years / 75,000 kms


Porsche Pre-Paid Maintenance is designed to elevate your driving experience with high-quality service and coverage for each individual customer. For more information on a Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan and how it can best serve you and your Porsche model, visit Porsche Centre Calgary at our new location in Meadows Mile - 8300 Blackfoot Trail SE!






Date Posted: April 24, 2017