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Porsche Centre Calgary

Porsche | Porsche Leasing and Financing


With every Porsche model comes a feeling of euphoria as you drive one of the most iconic luxury brands in history. At Porsche Centre Calgary, we make owning a Porsche possible through our straightforward leasing and financing options.


Porsche Preferred Leasing


Through Porsche Centre Calgary’s leasing programs, customers can take advantage of flexible terms and affordable monthly payments. These leasing options are available for new Porsche models as well as pre-owned models up to five years old. Leasing provides a unique opportunity and is often preferred for a number of reasons:


  • Minimal cash requirement – no security deposit is required and GAP insurance included at no extra cost.
  • Affordable monthly payments – lease payments are often lower because depreciation is factored into your payments rather than the entire cost of your loan
  • Flexible terms – leases are customized to fit your needs and preferences
  • Higher insurance deductibles – leases may allow coverage flexibility, which can lower your insurance premiums
  • Tax Benefits – if the vehicle is used for business, special tax benefits are available
  • Lease-end options – When your initial lease comes to an end, you are able to choose between outright purchase, re-lease, leasing a new vehicle, or returning the vehicle based on your specific lease terms
  • Single-payment leasing – buyers have the option of making a single payment for the lease terms, which can reduce the total cost by lowering the interest rate


Porsche Preferred Financing


Through Porsche Centre Calgary’s financing programs, customers can select from a range of products and terms that fit their needs, including loans for up to 84 months. Financing is available from Porsche Centre Calgary for new models as well as pre-owned Porsche vehicles up to ten years old. Porsche Financial Services Canada enables us to offer competitive rates as it allows many buyers to carry a higher deductible than other lenders, lowering your monthly insurance payment.


Porsche Centre Calgary is eager to provide leasing or financing options for your next vehicle. We welcome people with all types of credit and work together to ensure that your needs are met. Come down to your local Porsche dealer – Porsche Centre Calgary and begin driving the vehicle of your dreams!



Date Posted: June 27, 2017