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Porsche Centre Calgary

Porsche | Paint Protection


At Porsche Centre Calgary, we understand that when you purchase a Porsche, you want to enjoy driving your vehicle free from stress over protecting its appearance and value. With paint protection through SunTek, offered at exclusively at Porsche Centre Calgary, you can experience the legacy of adventure that the Porsche brand delivers and keep your Porsche model looking pristine.


Whether you want to explore the mountains or just hit the open road, Porsche Centre Calgary’s paint protection through SunTek gives you the confidence you need. This innovative technology consists of a transparent adhesive film that is applied to the front hood, front bumper and front fenders and is available for the rear bumper for loading protection. This film is stretched and applied, leaving a high-gloss finish with protection from scratches and small dents caused by road debris, rocks and other hazards. This self-healing second skin absorbs and smoothes out minor damage while protecting your vehicle's paint job underneath. It also acts as a shield to protect your Porsche model's paint colour from UV rays.


As one of the most popular upgrades for Porsche Centre Calgary customers, Porsche paint protection is guaranteed with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and can be removed to reveal a brand new looking paint job for enhanced resale value. Visit your local Calgary Porsche Dealer - Porsche Centre Calgary today for more information on this exceptional protection product.

Date Posted: June 27, 2017