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Porsche | Imported Porsche Vehicle

Porsche Centre Calgary is committed to treating each customer equally, whether you purchased your Porsche from an authorized Canadian Porsche Dealer, bought it pre-owned from an individual, or imported it into Canada. Imported Porsche Vehicles must meet the same standards of quality and safety as Porsches sold by authorized Canadian dealers so that we can offer the same high level of service to all.


Porsche Centre Calgary is here to assist you in ensuring that your imported Porsche vehicle meets the dedicated standards of quality and safety. Once you have booked an appointment, your imported Porsche vehicle will receive a detailed inspection and technical compliance confirmation so that it can be modified accordingly. MSRP for the inspection and compliance confirmation services is $500. Other services, including modifications, may give rise to additional charges.


Get your imported Porsche vehicle ready for Canadian roads with the help of the experienced technicians at Porsche Centre Calgary. Through our comprehensive parts inventory and access to Porsche’s complete technical knowledge base, we are proud to be an optimal location to service your Porsche.

Date Posted: August 2, 2017