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Porsche Centre Calgary

Porsche | G2 Executive Panamera

Porsche | G2 Executive Panamera


Porsche is continually striving towards new patterns of thinking to provide a quality driving experience. Here at Porsche Centre Calgary, we are happy to provide you with a range of exquisite Porsche vehicles, equipped with the latest in technological advances and contemporary engineering.


Through advanced innovation and remarkable design, Porsche released its elegant and high-functioning rear seat entertainment system.  The Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment offers a cinematic experience on the move. Featuring two independently controlled 10-inch touchscreen displays that have been subject to extensive safety tests, this system enables rear passengers to engage with the exhilarating performance of each drive. Rear-seat passengers can send navigation destinations to the Porsche Communication Management System as well as view a display of vehicle data such as speed and RPM for seamless interaction with every journey.


Each screen of the Rear Seat Entertainment System also features a personalized home screen, providing access to customized connectivity. Through a superior 1,920 x 1,200 pixel display, featuring Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and NFC phone connectivity, this system can elevate the passenger experience in an unparalleled manner. Both screens comes embedded with a micro USB port, integrated camera, micro SD card slot and integrated speakers, opening up the possibility for connection and entertainment like never before in the back seat. Benefit from personalized sound options and Bluetooth headsets as rear passengers enjoys customized content. 32-GB of internal memory opens up the doors to more as you enjoy access to the Porsche Communication Management System (PCM). The Google Play Store is where passengers can engage with two million apps. Each screen can be mounted or removed for hand-held activities and also features an anti-glare display.


Testing the world one innovation at a time, Porsche is constantly in the process of developing an array of technologically advanced systems that enhance every moment of the driving experience. With the Rear Seat Entertainment System, each passenger can seamlessly interact with the exhilaration of each Porsche moment. Visit your local Alberta Porsche dealer - Porsche Centre Calgary, for more information and to see how Porsche technology delivers an unmatched driving experience!





Date Posted: February 22, 2017