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Now We Can Start Thinking About Sports Cars - by Lawrence Romanosky

Every fall we start to accumulate Porsche Sports Cars that come in on trade or that we have bought directly from customers for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes trying to convince one’s wife that she has to park outside in the winter whilst your treasured 911 sits undercover in the garage doesn’t work!
In Jan/Feb, in the coldest/darkest winter, we will then look at our basement full of 20 or so pre-owned 911’s, Boxsters and Caymans and think, “Oh my we have a lot of Sports Cars – I hope we can sell them all”.  And then by June we have only a couple left.  The same thing happens every year. It is basically like a ‘car bank’ where you deposit in the fall and then withdraw in the spring, except you pay interest instead of receiving it!

Of course we don’t want to take this for granted so before Spring starts we get motivated to sell them. And the way to sell Pre-Owned Porsches is to put them all through our Porsche Certified Pre-Owned process which includes a very demanding reconditioning process that enables Porsche to offer a 2-year, unlimited mileage factory-backed warranty.  It goes without saying that we need to price them competitively which we have done.  Then we need to merchandise and display them in our Downstairs Showroom, and on-line.

We have been very active on YouTube lately, and created two pages. Our main Channel, Porsche Centre Calgary, features general Porsche content, and our Virtual Showroom features individual videos on each of our in-stock vehicles.  Please have a look and Subscribe.

Our Website inventory listings feature these videos with the high-res images that we have taken from our new Photo Studio.  I am proud to say that this is some of the best on-line presentation of vehicles from any car dealer anywhere, and will allow you to do much of your shopping from home with a high level of confidence.

Of course you may still want to see the car, talk to us about it, review the documentation, and drive it.  We can provide reports on everything from CPO/Reconditioning, CARPROOF, Paint Meter, Over-Revs, or whatever else you need to satisfy yourself that you are getting a good car.

We are an enthusiastic group of ‘car guys’ that would like nothing better than to talk about Porsche Sports cars.  Miles, myself and the rest of our Sales Team have accumulated a considerable amount of relevant knowledge and experience over the years. We’d be happy to share this with you, and help you choose your next Porsche Sports Car.

Date Posted: March 14, 2019