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Is it time to put on your summer tires yet?

Is it spring yet? That question can be heard all over Calgary, and as we move into April, we are getting ever so closer to being able to finally answer that yes, we spring has arrived indeed. For Porsche owners, spring is certainly a big deal.

Sure your Porsche handles winter with the utmost confidence, but there’s nothing like a clear, winding road in the middle of summer to truly enjoy everything your 718, 911, Cayenne, Macan or Panamera has to offer. It’s not surprising, therefore, that you can’t wait to get those summer wheels and tires back on your vehicle. But is it too soon?

Summer tires need warm weather to perform well

Well, it all depends on what the weather is doing. Summer tires are effective when the temperature outside exceeds 7 degrees. Any lower than that, and your summer rubbers will harden which will have an adverse effect on handling, grip, and braking. That’s especially true when we are talking about performance tires.

According to historical data, the average temperature in Calgary climbs above the 7-degree mark starting around the 17th of April. Most days during the second week of the month also tend to average around 10 degrees.

That would mean that it’s a good time to start thinking about putting your summer tires on your Porsche, and also beating the rush with our Early Bird package. That said, we are all aware that the weather outside can be unpredictable in April, especially here in Alberta.

If it’s sunny and warm outside, your tires will perform exactly how you expect them to perform. If you leave in the morning, however, and it’s chilly outside, you will want to drive more carefully on your way to work if you installed your summer tires. Same goes for evenings when the temperature can dip below 7 degrees on a frequent basis in April.

Granted, the type of tire you install on your Porsche is an important consideration. If you have all-season tires on your Cayenne, Macan or Panamera, then it’s certainly a good time to install them. If you have high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires on your 911 GT3, then you’ll want to be extra careful when driving on a cold road for next few weeks.

In summary, the effectiveness of your summer tires depends on the weather outside and the temperature. If it’s less than 7 degrees, as stated numerous times, you will have to drive a little bit more carefully and not expect your tires to perform the same way as they would in June or July. With that in mind, however, most driving situations you’ll face in the next few weeks will be suitable for summer tires. So you can go ahead and book that appointment!



Date Posted: April 1, 2018