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In praise of the Porsche Cayenne

It was a bold decision to enter the SUV market in the early 2000’s by Porsche Management. The stir over the change to water-cooled engines (from air-cooled) in our Sports Cars was still in the air, and many of the Porsche faithful feared a dilution of Brand by the addition of more practical vehicles. Of course the Cayenne went on to be a huge success, and filled the Porsche coffers enough for them to invest heavily in new technology and some of the ‘purest’ Sports Cars in the history of the company. For some of our GT cars demand outstrips supply by 5:1 or more. Clearly the Porsche Engineers know what they are doing!
The original Cayenne, built from 2003-2010 was and is an extremely competent SUV, vault solid, and fully capable off-road with a low range transfer box, and a locking differential. The second generation Cayenne made from 2011 to present, is quite a bit lighter and more agile, with modern electronics and infotainment, yet it still retains its off road ability and towing capacity. The next Cayenne is due at the end of 2018 as a 2019 model to Porsche Centre Calgary, and will feature significant advances in Hybrid Electrification, connectivity, driver aids, and will take a couple steps closer to autonomous driving. There is still a lot to be said for the current vehicle, however, which had a mid-life ‘facelift’ and some powertrain changes in 2015. The current Cayenne remains an eminently practical, capable and fine-driving mid-size SUV that is exceptionally well built and in stock for test drives and viewing at our dealership.

New Lease Programs
Today the rates have come down to 4.9% for most Cayennes, and 3.9% for the SE Hybrids. Cayenne SE Hybrids also come with a No Charge Maintenance package for the first 3 years.
Porsche Financial Services has made some other changes to their leasing program; raising the residual values, and lifting the ceiling of MSRP that can be residualized – The benefit of which is more competitive lease payments. It is very possible that somebody who is in a Cayenne lease can lease a new Cayenne, with more equipment and a higher MRSP, and wind up with a lower monthly payment.
Cayenne re-sale value remains very strong, and trade in values are relatively high compared to other vehicles in the Mid-Size SUV segment. Even a higher mileage 2011 Cayenne V6 should still bring a $25,000 trade in value, representing 30% of its new value after 6 model years, which is excellent, representing depreciation under $10,000 per year for a vehicle that is well used. Demand for Pre-Owned Cayennes is also healthy, especially when we put them through our Certified Pre Owned Program, and sell them as fully reconditioned vehicles with a factory backed, full coverage, 2 year warranty.
We welcome you into our new location at 8300 Blackfoot Trail SE to our new and improved Porsche Centre Calgary.

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Date Posted: June 20, 2017