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How to use the Porsche Finder to find the Porsche of your dreams

Porsche Centre Calgary’s complete inventory of new and pre-owned Porsche models is now on Porsche Finder, Porsche’s advanced vehicle search tool. The unique feature was first announced by Porsche AG in 2018 and is now deploying across Canada.

Although many automakers offer an inventory search tool, Porsche’s is by far the most advanced. It gives users a comprehensive view of all Porsche models available across the country through a simple search interface that can be funneled down to models, model trims, colour, engine, and features. Just tick the box next to the specific model configuration you want, and Porsche Finder will tell you if that model is available.

A Showroom in Your Living Room

Porsche Centre Calgary completed its integration into Porsche Finder in January. That means that when you click on the New Vehicles or Pre-Owned Vehicles tabs on our website, you will be redirected to the Porsche Finder site where our entire inventory is displayed. You can browse over 30 new cars and over 20 pre-owned cars from the comfort of your own home, complete with detailed specs. Most of the available models also feature multiple images inside and out.

Using the Porsche Finder is as straightforward as can be. Users start by selecting either a new or pre-owned model, and then selecting the Porsche model that they would like. For example, a potential buyer searching for a new Porsche Cayenne would be begin by checking the “New” box and then selecting the Cayenne.

The system will then show how many Cayenne models are available. From there, the search can be refined by Model. By clicking search, the user will be taken to the entire Cayenne inventory available.

However, clicking the “Detailed Search” tab will open up a range of filters that can be used to further refine the search. Porsche Finder’s detailed search will notably show how many vehicles are available for each version, giving users an overall view of what is available. Users can choose as many trims as they want, and they can also filter by engine, colour, price, and location.

Porsche Finder is a new, even more convenient way of finding your dream Porsche. Once you see a vehicle you want, give us a call and our team will be happy to make your dream a reality.

Date Posted: February 17, 2021