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Graphene and GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coating protection options | Detail PCC

Porsche Centre Calgary is home to a state-of-the-art detail facility that manages the application of premium protection options. After your vehicle is carefully prepared, the product is hand-applied by skilled professionals. Let us help you keep your new vehicle looking it’s best by protecting and preserving the interior and exterior on all makes and models. (As a note, only paint coatings include warranty, and oversized vehicles can be accommodated on a case by case basis)

Stek Dyno Paint Protection Film | Contact us for Pricing

  • Speaking of protecting your Porsche, one of the most effective products to preserve its paint and protect your vehicle from rocks and other debris on the road this winter is a Paint Protection Film, or PPF for short.
  • Backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty, our PPF film covers the sensitive body panels of your Porsche with a clear protective barrier that prevents rocks, sand, or salt from damaging your vehicle’s paint. You can choose to wrap just the front end, or wrap the entire vehicle, and we can also customize the PPF package to your needs.
  • PPF doesn’t leave a mark and can be removed when the vehicle is sold. You can barely see it on your Porsche and it certainly won’t alter the vehicle’s driving dynamics. What it will do is create a layer of protection over your paint in order to avoid costly repairs down the road. It also preserves resale value.

Graphene Coating (Paint/Rims/Glass + prep): $2000.00

  • A new hydrophobic graphene coating that lasts longer than your standard ceramic coating and holds up to years of Canadian winters and washes.
  • This is PURE Surface Protection for your vehicle. 
  • Keep your vehicle looking brand new, longer. Protect it from the future!
  • GRAPHENE PURE is 200x stronger than steel, making it the world’s strongest material. 
  • Protects your vehicle from minor scratches, swirl marks, corrosion, UV Rays, weather erosion, and acid rain.
  • The coating gives your vehicle’s exterior lower surface tension. This means that things like tree sap, bird droppings, mud, dust and other contaminants will have a lower sliding angle and simply slide off your vehicle. This gives the coating self-cleaning properties.
  • GRAPHENE PURE has superior hydrophobic properties for better water beading compared to other coatings.
  • Water and snow will slip right off any treated surface with enough of an angle. 
  • GRAPHENE PURE reduces water spotting by 50-75% compared to ceramic. Your vehicle will look cleaner after a storm.
  • Can be applied to supplement PPF and wrapped finishes including matte colours.
  • Protects your paint, wheels, glass, plastics, and all exterior surfaces.
  • Only one coating is needed for lasting protection.
  • Can be applied in as little as two hours depending on vehicle size.
  • The longest-lasting protection and shine on the market. GRAPHENE PURE lasts up to 10x longer than ceramic coatings. 
  • Backed with a five year underwritten guarantee.

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating: $1700.00

  • Crystal Ultra Hydrophobic
  • High slip angle for an incredible hydrophobic effect and light protection from swirl
    marks and environmental damages. It will look like you waxed your car every time
    you wash it.
  • The ultimate in all-around protection. High-gloss, UV protection, durability and scratch resistance outside. The interior stays clean and fresh with an added layer of protection.
  • 5-year guarantee (backed by a 5 year exterior paint warranty)

Interior Coating: $900.00

  • Gtechniq Interior coating for long lasting protection (backed by a 5 year exterior paint warranty)

Platinum package (5 year warranty): $2000.00

  • Gtechniq coating Inside and out (backed by a 5 year exterior paint warranty)

Extra Repair Offers

*Contact For Pricing*

Glass Repair

A stone impact may seem slight but safe driving is only possible if you have good visibility. Glass repair prevents any cracks in the glass from spreading and breaking the windscreen. We would be pleased to advise on what types of stone chip can be repaired within the technical and legal limits.

Dent Repair

Automotive exterior Black-and-white Rim

Using the dent repair service, numerous dents and bulges without paint damage can be repaired virtually without trace. The time and costs involved are comparatively low as no parts have to be replaced. The repair depends on the size and number of dents and the deformation depth and position of the dent. However, minor damage to the edges of supporting body structures cannot be repaired.

Paint Repair

If you are involved in active sport, scratches and bruises are unavoidable. But 'wound healing' can be accelerated at Porsche. In most cases it is possible to work on only the damaged area. The original part remains on the vehicle, thus saving time and costs.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels are a real eyecatcher. However, they are often exposed not only to glances, but also severe stresses, sharp-edged gravel or kerbstones. Minor blemishes can be rectified in most cases. Our highly competent technical staff would be pleased to advise on the spot.

Interior Cosmetics

Why should your driving pleasure be reduced by signs of wear in the interior? Areas of damage such as grazes, scratches, pen marks etc., can be eliminated almost totally. Just like most spots or larger stains. We guarantee they will not rub off, and the quality will be excellent.

Contact us to make an appointment. Or Contact The Detail Department Directly at (403) 385-4596

Date Posted: January 11, 2021