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“The end of an Era” - Classic Restoration Competition

About the Challenge

The objective of the Classic Restoration Competition is to showcase our classic know-how and restoration ability. All Porsche classic models are eligible for the Classic Restoration Project, Including the Carrera GT, 996, 986, 993, 968, 964, 959, 944, 928, 924, 911 G, 911 F, 914, 356. We chose the last air-cooled 911 – the iconic 993.

About Our Car

Our restoration challenge car: “The end of an Era”

Born under the Gemini moon, June 1997 in Stuttgart, Germany, a Porsche 993 C4S made its way to Canada. Boasting a 3.6L, this car grew up on the open roads of Alberta and British Columbia with brisk mountain air passing through its air cooled flat six. Unlike is predecessor, equipped with a first of its time 6 speed manual transmission, this 993 provided its human with thrills and excitement right from its first ignition cycle. Thanks to its superb all wheel drive system, light- alloy subframe, and all new multi link suspension system, the 993 was also able to conquer snowy winter roads with ease. Although always loved and cared for, this is a driver’s car, just as Porsche willed it. To the right of the historic centered 911 tachometer, like a badge of honour, the odometer reads an impressive 106,723km of pure driving pleasure. Like its powerful turbo sibling the 993 is styled in a classic 911 shell with flared wheel arches but also equipped with a model specific retractable spoiler. With the new VarioRam system and sweet exhaust notes found on most naturally aspirated air-cooled Porsches from that era, this car is undoubtedly a head turner.

Like all things in life, time is starting to show its toll on this 911. While we sometimes wish we could go back and be our youngers selves again, the Porsche Classic Program makes it possible to take this 993 back to the day it was new, thanks to Classic Porsche Parts and Training.

This car is very special to us because it represents the end of an era, iconic classic air-cooled Porsches. But also the start of some of the greatest water-cooled sports cars the world has ever seen.

This 993 C4S and its owner have an elaborate personal history, and we at Porsche Center Calgary are deeply appreciative to be apart of this classic Porsche’s story.

Porsche Calgary Team

  • Kenneth Jayasuriya - Classic Technician
  • Casey Conner - Service Manager
  • Lyndon Fischer - Classic Apprentice
  • Raymond Ly - Parts Technician
  • Derek Rush - Parts Manager
  • Lawrence Romanosky - GSM
  • Kirk Morrison - Marketing
  • Raymond Ly - Parts

Paint/Body Team

  • Dana Marks – Lead Technician
  • Hunter Blondheim – Preparation Technician
  • Loc Ngo – Owner / Manager

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Date Posted: January 24, 2019