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A few tips for getting your Porsche ready for winter

Winter is coming, as a matter of fact, it’s already arrived in many parts of the province, including parts of Alberta.

Soon, the snow will completely blanket the ground and our cars will be facing some pretty harsh conditions. Wide temperature variations, sand and salt everywhere, freezing mornings, and icy roads are on the horizon. Now, your Porsche will be handle all of this brilliantly in so far as it is ready.

Here are a few housekeeping tips that will ensure that you and your Porsche can take on winter with complete confidence.

Get your Porsche inspected

A complete inspection that checks the level of the various fluids, the condition of the battery, the state of various other mechanical components, and more is very important before winter settles in. It’s also a good time to get an oil change. The idea here is to ensure that your Porsche is well lubricated and that there aren’t any underlying issues that may worsen under the difficult winter conditions that lie ahead.

In other words, getting your Porsche inspected before winter arrives makes sure that nothing is left to chance and that your vehicle will brilliantly handle all the difficult conditions coming in the next few months.

Check your winter tires and wheels

Winter tires are your most important ally when it comes to snowy or icy roads. Your tires need to be in good enough condition to not only be effective now, but also in a few months. You can ask Porsche Center Calgary to check your tires for you before installation, or you can use various tools and tricks to do it yourself.

If you haven’t yet installed your winter tires, you may not want to wait much longer. We’ve already had our first snowfall, and it’s just a matter of time before winter settles in for good. At Porsche Center Calgary, you’re tires are installed by experienced technicians and we can also store your summer tires until spring.

Finally, you may want to protect your Porsche’s beautiful summer wheels by opting for a second set of winter wheels that will look as good.

Protect both the exterior and the interior

The sand, salt, and little pebbles that cover the road in winter can quickly damage your paint or interior. You can make sure that doesn’t happen by opting for winter mats, protective film for the most sensitive areas of your Porsche’s body, or a host of other sealants and protection products. Our team of service advisors and parts and accessories experts will be more than happy to explain the various products available to you.

To learn more about getting your Porsche ready for winter, contact us today at Porsche Center Calgary!

Date Posted: October 30, 2017