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Porsche Centre Calgary

A Message From Miles

"Journey" seems to be a new buzzword. It's a word I've lived my whole life. Relationships and experiences are the key drivers in what shapes and excited me. Starting January 2021 I will be assuming the General Manager role at Porsche Centre Calgary.

It is exciting; we have a great team here. It is not about change, but about responsibility.

• Responsibility to our clients.
• Responsibility to our team.
• Responsibility to the Porsche brand.

All of you have helped elevate me to this step. This role is that of a "head coach", not much different than how I have always spent my days. The biggest difference is that now the team here at Porsche Centre Calgary will become my clients and my responsibility will be to assist them in building unique and rewarding opportunities with you.

Join us as we continue the journey and thank you for making me a part of your story.

To be continued...

-Miles McEwing

Date Posted: December 15, 2020