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A Few Tips to Keep Your Porsche Clean This Summer

Owning a Porsche isn’t just about the feeling you get from behind the wheel, it’s the joy you get from looking at its unique design in the driveway from your living room window. It’s about opening the garage door and seeing that distinct look that permeates in every Porsche, new or old. Now that summer has arrived, we get to enjoy our Porsche even more. With the slush and the sand off our roads, we get to see what our Porsche looks like when it’s washed and waxed.

Spending a Saturday morning washing our Porsche before taking the family out for a drive in the afternoon sounds like a great plan for any weekend. With that in mind, here are a few tips for washing your Porsche.

A Few Tips for Washing the Exterior

Essentially, washing a Porsche doesn’t require any special or extra care, it’s just a bit more enjoyable. We think so, anyway. There are a few ground rules, however. Try and use the best quality products possible both for your cleaning products and your tools such as your cleaning mitt and buffer. Place the car in a shaded area and then you can use some of the following pro tips to get the best results.

Make sure you use two buckets, one for clean water and the other for soapy water. If you use just one bucket, you’re taking the dirt off your Porsche, putting it in the bucket, and then putting part of it back on the car. Always use a microfiber cloth and make sure you have different cloths for different tasks such as drying. Also, when you clean your cloths, put them in the wash separate from other laundry to preserve their effectiveness.

Also, you will want to apply a trim protectant before waxing, and after washing to make sure the polishing product doesn’t stain the trim pieces. Lastly, always have a clay bar on hand to remove surface contaminants from your paint. Actually, one more tip: Don’t use household cleaning products like dish soap to clean your Porsche.

Pay Attention to the Wheels

Your Porsche’s wheels are among the most distinctive features of your vehicle. Spend a good amount of time on your wheels and start with them before moving to the body. Use a professional-grade wheel cleaning product and make sure you get into every spot including between the spokes. Once your wheels are clean, use a protective wax to protect from dust and other contaminants that can crust on the wheel.

A Waterless Cleaning Product is Always Handy

The best place to enjoy your Porsche is out on the road. That means that sometimes, you just want a quick clean. Buy a quality waterless cleaning product that you can keep in the car or in the garage that will quickly remove stains and dirt. In doing so, you will avoid paint damage.

Date Posted: June 29, 2019