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Panamera Model Overview

A few years ago, everything to do with the sedan suddenly changed. Large, cumbersome and thickly padded instantly seemed outdated qualities. On the road, something happened - something rather fast and dynamic: a sportscar came along. A sports car with four seats, an unmistakable silhouette and performance figures normally associated only with a Porsche.
The Panamera. It changed everything. For drivers of sedans first and foremost. Sporting spirit - in business and in personal life - found its automotive counterpart. The courage to perform found a matching performer.
Now the change continues.  Forwards. On the road, something happened again. For sporty drivers - and their sporty companions - the Porsche engineers and designers have created the next Panamera. With the courage of a new generation.
We implore you to learn about the Panamera model range below.
Visit our Porche Centre Calgary YouTube page for Panamera videos.

Technical Specs for the Panamera Model Range

Panamera Panamera 4 Panamera 4S Panamera Turbo Panamera 4 Executive

Panamera 4 Executive

Power  330 hp 330 hp 440 hp 306 hp 330 hp 440 hp
Acceleration from 0-100km/h: 5.7 s 5.5 s 4.4 s 3.8 s 5.6 s 4.5 s
Combined (L/100 km) 9.8L/100 km 10.1L/100 km 10.1L/100 km 11.2L/100 km 10.1L/100 km 10.1L/100 km
Top Track Speed 264 km/h 262 km/h 289 km/h 306 km/h 262 km/h 289 km/h
MSRP $97,300 $102,500 $117,400 $170,900 $110,200 $130,100