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718 Model Overview

The new Boxster and New Cayman are the sequel that continues the 718 area. At their heart, a four-cylinder turbocharged boxster engine beats with the same fighting spirit that delivered countless podium finishes. In them lives the will to break away from the standards. And to inspire conviction. So it is entirely appropriate that they, too, should bear these three digits in their name and carry the 718 legend forward.

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Technical Specs for the 718 Model Range

Boxster Boxster S Cayman Cayman S Boxster GTS

Cayman GTS

Power 300 hp 350 hp 300 hp 350 hp 365 hp 365 hp
Acceleration from 0-100km/h: 4.9 s 4.4 s 4.9 s 4.4 s 4.3 s 4.3 s
Combined (L/100 km) 9.4L/100 km 9.9L/100 km 9.4L/100 km 9.9L/100 km 10.6L/100 km 10.6L/100 km
Top Track Speed 275 km/h 285 km/h 275 km/h 285 km/h 290 km/h 290 km/h
MSRP $69,760 $84,660 $67,360 $82,260 $99,250 $96,850

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