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Why buy your Porsche in Canada

Customers occasionally ask about importing a Porsche vehicle into Canada. We've compiled this list of questions and answers to give you the whole story.

Why should I buy my next Porsche in Canada?

Because it's the best combination of cost, selection and absence of hassle.

It's no secret that some Canadians have sought to save money by going through the process of buying a pre-owned Porsche in another country and importing it. But the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The disadvantages almost always outweigh the advantages.

Isn't it true that Porsche vehicles are priced substantially differently in Canada than in other countries?

Porsche, like all automakers, adjusts the features and option content of its vehicles to match the needs of each market. In addition, there is adjustment for shipping and import costs and currency exchange values.

I've heard the process of importing a car into Canada is time-consuming and involves a number of steps. Is this true?

Yes. At a minimum, direct importation involves finding a desirable car in a foreign land, shipping or transport, plus securing title, source country and Canadian registration paperwork, the original invoice, recall clearance letter and insurance for the vehicle. You must also submit the correct documentation to the relevant government agency following a strict timeline. Modification and inspection of the vehicle to meet Canadian safety standards must be completed within 45 days of importation. Generally, this modification and inspection process is detailed and has a substantial cost.

What is the Importation Quality Assurance Process?

In order to simplify the importation process, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. has implemented an Importation Quality Assurance Process where authorized Canadian Porsche Dealers can inspect and modify imported vehicles to meet Canadian standards.

For $500 MSRP, this thorough, detailed process for inspection and technical compliance confirmation provides you with required documents to submit to government authorities. The process requires confirming an appointment at an authorized Porsche Dealer.

Any required modifications are not included in this price, as the scope of the safety certification work required varies depending on the model. Estimates for safety certification work are only available through an authorized Porsche Dealer in Canada (charges may apply).

How do I obtain a recall clearance letter for a U.S. vehicle?

Recall clearance letters are only issued by Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd., and must be obtained through an authorized Canadian Porsche Dealer.

Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. will only issue a recall clearance letter once the Importation Quality Assurance process is carried out at an authorized Canadian Porsche Dealer.

For more information about obtaining a letter, please contact our Customer Commitment department (1-800-PORSCHE).

How much does it cost to modify a U.S. vehicle?

The scope of the safety certification work required varies depending on the model. Specifics on safety certification work must be obtained from an authorized Porsche Dealer in Canada.

Can a U.S. Porsche Dealer or independent garage perform the necessary modifications to meet Canadian safety requirements?

No. The necessary modifications can only be performed at an authorized Porsche Dealer in Canada.

Are there any other importation expenses?

Yes, at a minimum, Canadians direct-importing a vehicle will write checks for:

  • Importation Duty
  • Currency exchange fee
  • Taxes due in your Province
  • Air-Conditioning Excise Tax
  • GST
  • Green Levy Fuel Tax (where applicable)
  • Registrar of Imported Vehicles Fee (non-refundable)

The Importation Duty and all taxes are computed based on the purchase price, with no allowance for any trade-in.

Is it possible to lease a U.S. vehicle?

A U.S. vehicle typically cannot be leased directly in the U.S. by non-residents, nor can they be leased through Porsche Financial Services Canada. Canadian customers benefit from the strong residual values of Porsche vehicles in Canada, including optimal leasing programs and interest rates. The only sound choice for someone interested in leasing is to do so with a Canadian Porsche Dealer, through Porsche Financial Services Canada.

Are there any other risks of direct importation of a Porsche vehicle?

Yes. Non-professionals in other countries do a thriving business in stolen, damaged, and salvaged vehicles, sometimes concentrating on Porsche vehicles because of their value and prestige. These individuals also cause another collateral form of difficulty: to identify such vehicles, Canadian officials are compelled to be exacting and very methodical in reviewing all importation paperwork, so any small irregularity in even honest documentation becomes a showstopper.

Is the warranty applicable for a U.S. vehicle imported into Canada?

Yes. The remaining factory warranty (48 months or 80,000 km) on U.S. vehicles imported and registered in Canada is valid. However, if a vehicle has a salvage/rebuilt history due to an accident or other permanent damage, the warranty will not be valid in Canada. Other exceptions may apply.

Is the certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty applicable for a U.S. vehicle in Canada?

Yes, if the vehicle with the CPO warranty was sold by an authorized Porsche Dealer directly to a Canadian consumer, or if the vehicle was sold by a private individual directly to a Canadian consumer. Cars sold by brokers and non-Porsche dealerships will not have a CPO warranty.

Can I purchase a pre-owned warranty for a U.S. vehicle?


Does Roadside Assistance through 1-800-PORSCHE cover imported vehicles?

Yes. However, charges may apply.

What do you recommend to Porsche shoppers looking for the best value?

An authorized Porsche Dealer in Canada has the widest selection of new, certified pre-owned, and pre-owned vehicles. They have a total commitment to caring for your vehicle, plus specialists trained in handling purchase and leasing procedures seamlessly. So in the vast majority of cases, a Canadian dealership is the best place to choose and acquire your next Porsche.