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Porsche: The Worldwide Brand

Porsche does so much! From designing and develop the high-performance, high-quality vehicles to its services subsidiaries. These initiatives encompass topics from the both in and outside of the automotive industry and may have a major impact on the world in which we live in numerous ways.

Porsche Consulting

Porsche uses the expertise it has gained over the years in the car manufacturing business to serve as a consultant to other businesses. While this does include companies within the automotive industry and related suppliers, the concepts learned and created by Porsche also impact other industries. The company provides its expertise to organizations in many industries, including the following:

  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Services-based industries

Each of these industries can benefit from one or more focuses that Porsche provides. Porsche teaches others how to develop sustainable companies that will continue to change and grow.


Porsche Engineering

Porsche has created some of the most innovative and successful cars to ever be seen on the roadway or track. This result comes from a dedicated engineering team that follows a core concept from idea to production. It encompasses every aspect of the vehicle, from the body to the powertrain to the electronics.

The core competencies for Porsche Engineering include:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • E-Mobility
  • CO2 Reduction
  • Testing
  • Non-Automotive

Nothing is overlooked when creating the complete vehicle. It begins with the prototype and continues through the aerodynamics of the vehicle and on to the final testing of the model. Porsche provides ongoing support for all development projects to ensure that all resources are utilized to create a car that meets the high standards of the Porsche brand.


Porsche Partner Network (PPN)

Porsche focuses on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) with this subsidiary and provides valuable IT information, data exchange and CAD data management for optimal collaboration with its engineering partners.This is a complex system that includes information about the quality of data and data transfer, information about changes in the environment and information about software packages.Because of its dedication to exceptional quality and innovation, Porsche has become a leader in the car industry. The company uses its brand, knowledge and expertise to continue making outstanding vehicles. Through its services subsidiaries, Porsche also uses these components to help businesses in other industries and ultimately, the consumer.


Porsche Everyday Usability

Porsche has always been able to go from the track to the streets. It has always been one of the cornerstones to the Porsche brand. The knowledge Porsche has been able to gain has aided in the development of other SUV's, Sports Cars and Roadsters. Find out about this Usability for yourself.


Porsche Exclusive

Porsche is a leader in the automotive industry. The Porsche Exclusive gives drivers custom options that come straight from Porsche. Porsche engineers and designers understand the material and what to takes to make a distinct impression. Make your Porsche your own with the Porsche Exclusive.


Porsche Functionality

The new functions of a Porsche sports car focuses on enhancing how the vehicle feels on the road and improving it's performance and efficiency. Porsche, is dedicated to ensuring design follows function and is always working to enhance the driving experience of Porsche customers.


Porsche Innovation

The Porsche is known for it's technology and higher output sports cars. They aim to inspire and thrill their customers whenever they get behind the wheel. Porsche developed the technology to use sustainable resources. This is the car of the future, that you can own today. This is the meaning of Porsche Innovation.


Porsche Principle

The Porsche Principle drives the company and has since it started. Porsche aims to get the most out of everything. Since 1948 they have aimed to build the best sports car. They are unlike any other car on the road and the competition is miles behind because they cannot encompass all that Porsche has to offer.


Porsche Performance

Driving faster, smoother, more efficiently and with increased stability this is the promise porsche made when it started in 1948 and still delivers to this day. It has never lost sight of always building the best sports car on the road. Great Performance and Design is what Porsche is all about.


Porsche Responsibility

Porsche has always been a brand that inspires and excites. It is a luxury car manufacturer that takes the responsibility for its company decisions and community seriously. Learn more about how Porsche keeps focused on responsibility by paying Porsche Centre Calgary a visit.


Porsche Social Acceptance

Porsche brings something that no other vehicle manufacturer does making it the dream of so many to drive. Porsche creates the attainable dream that is unique for everyone. Sit behind the wheel of a Porsche Macan or a Porsche Boxster and find your own dream!


Porsche Tradition and Design

Porsche has always been focused on striving for the best and never settling for anything less. This focus has enabled Porsche engineers to ensure that Porsche stands apart from all other vehicle. Porsche does not compromise the goal and ideals that made it great. This is the Porsche way.


To learn more about Porsche, its vehicles or what makes this brand special, visit your local Calgary Porsche Dealer - Porsche Centre Calgary. There is a reason that Porsche stands out from all other luxury car brands. Find out what makes Porsche special at Porsche Centre Calgary.